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Answers for Exodus (Ch. 1-15)

Answers for Exodus (Ch. 1-15)

October 22, 2018
  1. A pharaoh rose that chose to afflict the Jews. Ex. 10
  2. Miriam suggested to find someone to nurse the child. Ex.2:7-8
  3. God spoke to Moses from a bush that wasn’t consumed. Ex. 3:4
  4. Pharaoh told his taskmasters to take away the straw for making bricks, but the Jews still had to keep up the quota of bricks.
  5. Moses was 80 years old and Aaron was 83. Ex. 7:7
  6. Pharaohs magicians did the same. Ex. 8:7
  7. The swarm of flies did not go into Goshen where the Jews lived. Ex. 8:22
  8. Blood on the door posts. Ex. 12:13
  9. God lead them through the way of the wilderness. Ex.13:18
  10. There were no survivors of Pharaohs army that went after Israel into the Red Sea. Ex. 14:28

Challenge Question: Pharaohs magicians could not recreate the lice. Ex. 8:18

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