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Questions from Exodus (Ch. 1-15)

Questions from Exodus (Ch. 1-15)

October 15, 2018
  1. What changed from the end of Genesis and the beginning of Exodus?
  2. When the daughter of Pharaoh found Moses, what did Miriam suggest she could do?
  3. How did God appear to Moses in the Midian desert?
  4. When Moses first met with Pharaoh, what instructions did Pharaoh give to his taskmasters?
  5. How old were Aaron and Moses when they met Pharaoh?
  6. Aaron stretched out his rod over the waters of Egypt and brought forth frogs, what did Pharaohs magicians do?
  7. The swarm of flies, what was unusual about them?
  8. The last plague was the passing over of the death angel, what kept him away?
  9. What was odd about the way God lead Israel out of Egypt?
  10. How many survivors were there of Pharaohs army that pursued Israel?

Challenge question: What was the first plague that Pharaohs’ magicians couldn’t recreate?

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