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Questions from Exodus (Ch. 16 – 40)

Questions from Exodus (Ch. 16 – 40)

October 29, 2018
  1. What was the first hardship Israel ran into after the Red Sea incident?
  2. How much manna could each Israelite gather everyday but Friday and Saturday?
  3. What was Moses doing wrong that Jethrow his father-in-law gave him instruction on?
  4. Which one of the Ten Commandments has a reward of long life if a person does it?
  5. God said he would employ the use of hornets; for what use?
  6. What was engraved on the two onyx stones used on the High Priest’s ephod?
  7. Who was filled with the wisdom and knowledge to build the tabernacle?
  8. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets, what was different about him?
  9. The ephod that Aaron wore had four rows of stones. What was in the second row?
  10. When Moses finished the Tabernacle, what did God fill it with?

Challenge Question: What was engraved on the crown the High Priest wore?

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