Ladies' Ministry

to strengthen and honor women in all seasons of their lives

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to strengthen and honor women in all seasons of their lives, to cultivate wisdom and kindness among our families and community, and to provide an avenue of social connection.

Genuine Relationship

Today, there is a real concern about our identity and personal privacy, while identity theft is running rampant.  With this in mind, we tend to immerse ourselves deeper and deeper in to our “cyber-cocoons.”  The houses in which we live are built closer together, yet most of us truly don’t know our neighbors.  We believe that loneliness is one of the greatest tragedies of this post-modern lifestyle.  There is a difference between being alone and being lonely.  All of the cell phone calls, text messages or emails cannot take the place of genuine human and spiritual relationship.

Connect with God

Our heavenly Father created in each of us that need, first, to connect with Him, then our family and furthermore, our community. Calvary Tabernacle has an active Ladies ministry. The ladies department also helps the church family when various needs arise and with church events.

women ministry at calvary tabernacle in lynnwood