Answers for the book of Leviticus

Answers for the book of Leviticus

November 19, 2018

Chapter 2
The fruit was not to be burnt on the altar. Lev. 2:12

Chapter 4

  1. A bullock Lev. 4:14
  2. A male goat Lev. 4:23
  3. A female goat Lev. 4:28

Chapter 6
The altar fire was NEVER to go out! Lev. 6:13

Chapter 8
Moses put the blood on Aaron’s right ear, his right thumb and his right big toe. Lev. 8:23

Chapter 10
Nadab and Abihu offered strange fire on the altar. Lev. 10:1

Chapter 11
NO Lev. 11:13-18

Chapter 13-14
Leprosy Lev. 13 & 14

Chapter 16
The second is refered to the “scape goat” Aaron pronounced all the sins of Israel and it was lead into the wilderness and set free. Lev. 16:21-22

Chapter 17
The Blood Lev. 17:11

Chapter 19
3 Years Lev. 19:23-24

Chapter 22
The sacrifices had to be perfect, otherwise we would give something to God that costs us little. Lev. 22:24

Chapter 25
Every seventh year the land had to rest. Lev. 25:4

Chapter 26
Abundant rain, abundant crops, peace in the land, victory over enemies, multiply, God’s tabernacle would be among them, God would walk among them.

Chapter 27
“it is Holy unto the Lord”