Questions from the Book of Numbers

Questions from the Book of Numbers

November 26, 2018

Numbers 1

  1. What geographical location did God talk to Moses about the number of males of the congregation?
  2. A male had to be how old to go to war?
  3. All the tribes were numbered except one, which one wasn’t?

Numbers 2

  1. The entrance of the tabernacle was on the east side, which tribe is listed first on the east side?
  2. Challenge question:What is the meaning of this tribe?

Numbers 3

  1. What was the matrix?
  2. What family was in charge of transporting the Ark of the Covenant?

Numbers 4

  1. From the tribe of Levi how old did the men need to be and how long did they serve?
  2. When the Ark of the Covenant was transported what was it covered with?

Numbers 5

  1. What was the test of bitter water for?

Numbers 9

  1. When did the cloud by day and the fire by night start hanging over the tabernacle?

Numbers 11

  1. What was God so upset about the way the quail were being eaten?

Numbers 12

  1. Why did Miriam become leprous?

Numbers 13-14

  1. When the spies returned what happened that God wouldn’t take them on to the promise land?
  2. What was the root issue in chapter 16?

Numbers 17

  1. What was different about Aarons rod?

Numbers 20

  1. Where did Aaron die?

Numbers 21

  1. In this book there are numerous examples of the Jews complaining, the results are not good.
  2. Would their needs have been met if they had approached God differently?  Yes or No

Numbers 22

  1. Moab came at defeating Israel differently what was it?
  2. Why did the donkey talk to Balaam?

Numbers 24

  1. What did Balaam do instead of cursing Israel?

Numbers 25

  1. How was the plague stayed?

Numbers 31

  1. What eventually happened to Balaam?

Numbers 32

  1. Who wanted the land of the Midianites on the east side of Jordon?

Numbers 35

  1. What were the six cities of refuge for?